GSBC 2020 Announced! April 3-27, 2020.

Team nautilus
Medellin, Colombia
Flew 2015

Team Description

we are a group of aeronautical engineering students that are passionate with the space themes, that's why we decide to create the team and with the support of our university and a company that already make a balloon launch we plan to launch our own balloon and compete for the price

Plan for launch

we plan to launch the balloon with a significant experiment from the investigation group of our university and also to reach a very high altitude to take great pics.

Why did you join?

because we want to advance in our ballooning experience

Team Members

  • Andres Gomez
  • Samuel Cadavid Palacios
  • Alejandra Amaya Cossio
  • Laura Velasquez Rivera
  • Juan Javier Luna Muñoz