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Explorers Team LTNT
Liceul Tehnologic "Nicolae Teclu" Copsa Mica - Copsa Mica, Romania

Team Description

We are a group of teachers and students enthusiastic, passionate about robotics, automation and applied electronics. These balloon launches we want to accomplish a series of experiments and measurements of atmospheric parameters in the area where we operate.

Plan for launch

Measuring atmospheric parameters in the area and conducting a series of experiments in biology, physics and chemistry.

Why did you join?

We recorded in this competition because we want to share our achievements with other enthusiasts in this area.

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/27/2018

Team Members

  • Berger Denis Adrian
  • Suhăreanu Sandra Maria
  • Harda Ioana
  • Fărcaş Andreeas Marco
  • Cioban Cristina
  • Gruitoiu Madalina