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Sunnyvale High School 2019
Sunnyvale High School - Sunnyvale, United States

Team Description

We are STEM 1 students in Sunnyvale ISD, which is a small town in Dallas County.

Plan for launch

Students will decide what they want to do for their launch, and will make it a community wide event.

Why did you join?

We joined because we are curious about our atmosphere and its different levels.

Team Members

  • thomas sparks
  • Kylie Naaman
  • Grant Conaway
  • Tyler Campbell
  • Kylaun Hawkins
  • Joshua Wilson
  • Madison Walker
  • Shayla Turner
  • Mohammod Abdelhadi
  • Kyle Evans
  • Zun Chen
  • Caden Janicek
  • miavanni mcdougall
  • Tony Arden
  • Noreen Antony
  • Preston Conaway
  • Mark Sierra
  • Ty Grace
  • Lon Hickman
  • Caleb Lewis
  • Matt Leavitt
  • Christian Key
  • Jordan Dwarikaparsad
  • Trent Aslin
  • Matt Gio
  • Mason Beatty
  • Morgan Broshous
  • Ryder Maness
  • Reba Thomas
  • Andrew Vanek
  • Emily McCoy
  • Jude Jolly
  • Albert Joseph
  • Elizabeth Fawcett