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Aether Project
Nagoya University - Nagoya, Japan

Team Description

we are Nagoya university students, and our goal is to create a sphere movie using 6 GoPRO and to use the movie for space education.

Plan for launch

we plan to launch our space balloon in Michigan in April 11. we plan to load 6 GoPros, Pocket Finder as GPS, gyroscopic sensor, acceleration sensor, and aerotonometer

Why did you join?

we joined it because we want to promote exchanges of technology with ameteur ballooners

Team Members

  • hirotoshi sugiura
  • Ryosuke Iwakura
  • Yusuke Tomori
  • Taishu Hiramatsu
  • Hikaru Akari
  • Teshima Yusuke
  • Hiroki Fujiwara