GSBC 2020 is here! GSBC 2020 started April 3. Closing date of the window will depend on what happens with the coronovirus. At minimum, window is extended until December 1, 2020. You can send us submissions through your team page. Please stay safe and abide by local recommendations.

High Altitude Balloon Club
Texas A&M University - College Station, United States

Team Description

The purpose of this club is to understand the nature upper atmospheric flight and near-space environment by means of affordable and readily available transportation. This can be easily be achieved by using high altitude balloons. These balloons are designed to carry up to five pounds of payload, as stated by the FAA, up to one-hundred thousand feet or higher. The projects taken on cover a wide range of studies: aerodynamics, atmospheric science, radio and telemetry, Earth and space science, chem

Plan for launch

We plan to deploy a designed glider from near-space.

Why did you join?

We feel that with our experience that we can share our expertise with others in launching balloons.

Team Members

  • Christopher Garcia
  • Bridget Church
  • Steven Anderson
  • Rahul Venkatraman
  • Connor Roth
  • Arsh Quadir
  • Jocelyn Chilson
  • Huu Duc Nguyen