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Universidad EAFIT - Medellin, Colombia
Flew 2014

Team Description

We are a scientific initiation group called "Semillero de Electromagnetismo Aplicado - SEMA" at Universidad EAFT in Medellin (Colombia). We are beginers in the aerospace sciences and we are conforming an aerospace center for R&D+I

Plan for launch

We plan to transmit pictures to the ground station and control the camera(s) from ground

Why did you join?

It is a perfect opportunity to learn about aerospace sciences and to motivate students to work in the area

Team Members

  • Mateo Echeverri
  • Jose Ignacio Marulanda Bernal
  • Yarlin Andrea Ortiz Toro
  • Sebastian Ruiz Lopera
  • Juan Camilo Marin Henao
  • Ana MarĂ­a Guisao Betancur
  • Diego Rodriguez