The GSBC Is Shutting Down. The Website Will Go Away At The End Of The Year. Thank You To The Entire Community.

National Chi Nan University - Nantou, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Taiwan

Team Description

We are students from the department of Computer Science Information Engineering of National Chi Nan University, located in Nantou, the county of Taiwan. Due to our course in this semester, we have the opportunity to realize our dreams by taking part of this popular near-space project. However, we would like to reach this goal with some difference from the plans other countries done before. According to our new ideas, we design our best blueprint and try our best to accomplish this plan.

Plan for launch

What our plan different from the other plans is the idea of putting a helicopter on our device, with a control panel and a motor. In addition, we will program an APP on the mobile phone, measuring the sensor data. While our device is approaching to land, we can use our mobile phones controlling the helicopter bringing our payload box return automatically.

Why did you join?

Due to other countries had started this plan, we would like to take part in this project as well. Besides, we have the faith that GSBC will be the motivations to make ourselves strive enthusiastically, also narrowing the distance between the dreams and ourselves.

Team Members

  • Yu Wen Huang
  • Pei Yi Liu