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Aviastudent - Moscow, Russian Federation

Team Description team was formed to promote the knowledge about aeronautics, aviation and space. Our goal is to explain the audience how certain things work, such as aircraft and the machinery, using the simple language, as well as to motivate people to study the related disciplines, such as fluid dynamics, physics, electrical engineering, etc.

Plan for launch

Since this is our first run, our final goals are not forlulated yet. The minimum program for us is to launch the aerostat with a camera and a GPS-transmitter on it to a height of more than 30 km (100,000 feet). Among us, the audience of our blog, there are experts in different fields, with whom we are currently deciding what scientific experiments will be made during the launch.

Why did you join?

We joined the program, because the key in any complex technical scientific project is the exchange of knowledge and experience. The more global the knowledge, the more global this experience is - the more interesting and successful projects you can get.

Team Members

  • Alexander Guzeev
  • Aleksandr Tuchkov
  • Sergey Bocharnikov
  • Ruslan Leviev
  • Grigory Shikunov
  • Taras Mozhar
  • Ivan Grafskiy
  • Evgenia Kukanova