GSBC 2020 Announced! April 3-27, 2020.

Near Space Terps
University of Maryland College Park - College Park, United States

Team Description

We are an engineering team made up mostly of undergraduates in aerospace engineering at UMCP.

Plan for launch

We are planning to launch a number of engineering payloads in April

Why did you join?

We welcome a challenge and thought it would be fun!

Team Members

  • Josh Bloch
  • Bryan Hetzer
  • Alexander Vecchioni
  • michael owca
  • Reid Poluhovich
  • Bernadine Passe
  • Kyle McDaniel
  • James Hazelrig
  • Dominick Montero
  • Katie Barbor
  • Shawn Rosofsky
  • Mary Bowden
  • Sky Onimus
  • Justin Hicks
  • Jessica Slike
  • William Cooper Gilbert
  • Nicholas Rossomando