GSBC 2020 is here! GSBC 2020 started April 3. Closing date of the window will depend on what happens with the coronovirus. At minimum, window is extended until December 1, 2020. You can send us submissions through your team page. Please stay safe and abide by local recommendations.

High Sierra Balloon Gents
Reno, United States

Team Description

We are a team of two gentlemen (Gareth and Don) based out of Reno, NV and the SF Bay Area. This is our first GSBC and will be our third balloon launch!

Plan for launch

We plan sending our balloon from one side of the country to the other! Starting from Reno, NV the balloon will (hopefully) cruise at an altitude of around 50k feet all the way to the east coast. Once it reaches its approximate destination, the rest of the gas will be vented and the payload will fall gently to the ground. We are looking for teams to help us out with recovery so if you are on the east coast we would love to talk to you!

Why did you join?

Have fun!

Team Members

  • Don Jordan