GSBC 2019 Announced! April 5-29, 2019.

USFQ Dragons
Universidad San Francisco de Quito - Quito, Ecuador

Team Description

We are students of an Aerodynamics I class at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Most of us study aerospace engineering and others mechanical engineering.

Plan for launch

We would like to take great pictures of the space with a balloon launched from the roof of our engineering building. This will be the first time we will be doing this.

Why did you join?

Because it is an exciting way to learn how global space balloons work.

Team Members

  • Pamela Aguirre
  • Israel Tapia
  • Cristale Garnica
  • Karina Alarcon
  • David Chavez
  • Patricio Brito
  • Daniel Salazar
  • Camila Toledo
  • Carolina Gaibor
  • Andrès Chaquinga
  • Silvana Ureña
  • Jorge Pantoja