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wonderMakr - Toronto, Canada

Team Description

We are a digital + live technology agency based in Toronto, Canada. We love building new and interesting things for agencies, brands and humans. We usually don't launch them to the edge of space. We're making an exception this time.

Plan for launch

LAUNCH DATE: April 19th, 2015 | LAUNCH LOCATION: Goderich, ON CANADA (Lat. 43.7604 | Lon. 278.3153) ....Our theme is "Space Rave", and we're planning on sending an Aaxa pico projector up with our payload, which will project a video of our team dancing and playing with space themed props, along with clips from awesome space movies...all set to high energy music. We are projecting onto an small 7.75" x 5" screen protruding from our payload box, and them capturing the footage of the video with the earth/space in the background. Our video is here!

Why did you join?

To try something new, learn and explore.


Team Launch Date: 04/19/2015

Team Members

  • Mark Stewart