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Project Blackbird
STEM+C, Nippersink Middle School - Richmond, United States
Flew 2015

Team Description

We are a group of 15 students from the Nippersink Middle School. We will be traveling to Spaceport America in New Mexico at the end of April to launch our project.

Plan for launch

Tow an RvJet up to 100,000 ft, and then fly it back to Spaceport America. Students will become virtual shuttle pilots, kids will experience what shuttle pilots encounter during re-entry into earths atmosphere, kids will take turns flying the RvJet back to Spaceport America (or as close as possible).

Why did you join?

We joined for the comrade with those interested in the same types of projects.

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 05/01/2016

Team Members

  • Paul Kaup