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Gadjah Mada Aerospace Team
Universitas Gadjah Mada - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Team Description

We are from indonesia. Came from the oldest university on Java Island as known as Universutas Gadjah Mada

Plan for launch

We plan to get measured data (temperature, humidity, altitude and pressure) during flight

Why did you join?

We joined becaused we want some new challenge we could'nt get on local contest

Team Members

  • Godeliva Kintan Janma Luhung Citta
  • Anjas Adi Gumilang
  • Jaler Sekar Maji
  • aris bodhi ratana
  • Thoriq Satriya
  • jonathan darmawan
  • Mohamad Faiz Hamzah
  • Luqman Harun Arrosyid