The GSBC Is Shutting Down. The Website Will Go Away At The End Of The Year. Thank You To The Entire Community.

Lovett Makers Club
The Lovett School - Atlanta, United States
Flew 2015

Team Description

We're from Atlanta, Georgia, and are a high school club devoted to brainstorming and creating a variety of engineering projects. Our goal is to explore different aspects of modern innovation in order to solve problems and create interesting projects.

Plan for launch

[Coming Soon]

Why did you join?

We joined the GSBC because we see it as a great opportunity to test our ideas out in a fun competition while also learning from the ideas of others.

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/24/2016

Team Members

  • Josh Eiland
  • Ned Ellis
  • Alton Wiggers
  • Anthony Romaniello
  • Ryan Schimpf
  • Aidan Johnson