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DARC e.V. in cooperation with Technische Universität München - München, Germany
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Team Description

We are a group of electrical-engineering students at Technische Universität München. We are part of the daedalus project which aims to enable students to get some practial expierience on various topics of electrical-engineering. It's our first ballon and we are looking forward to launch it!

Plan for launch

We plan to measure enviromental (e.g. amount of dust, temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination) data using a microcontroller and also send telemetry data over APRS. Our goal is to recover the undamaged payload after the mission.

Why did you join?

for the glory - just kidding, to improve our engineering skills

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/25/2015

Team Members

  • Thomas Emig
  • Christian Pauly
  • Alexander Blum
  • Stefan Hinterleuthner