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Hawk Pride I
Hillside Middle School - Simi Valley, United States
Hab 9 small
Flew 2015

Team Description

We are Hillside Middle School and STEAM Academy students, teachers, and parents coming together to design, construct, and launch our inaugural High Altitude Balloon.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch a balloon containing student designed experiments, photography and video equipment, and sensors to gather data which our students will be able to use in data analysis and the application of scientific methods.

Why did you join?

We joined because as a STEAM school. we want to incorporate the use of engineering and technology into the learning process for our students. We feel that exposing the students to the practical application of scientific experimentation will build their love of science, learning, and meeting challenges.

Team Members

  • Lazaro Muyalde
  • william huizenga
  • Daniel Sierra
  • Gayle Stiller
  • Diego Velasco
  • Anthony Turk
  • Andrew Williams
  • Sean Hawkins
  • William Rosen
  • Nathan Miranda
  • Harlen Austin
  • Jacob Velasco
  • Anthony Zammikiel
  • Megan Whitaker