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Wicahpi Kuta
Todd County Middle School - Mission, United States

Team Description

We are middle school of the Rosebud Reservation, proud home of the Rosebud Sicangu Lakota. Our team name is Lakota for Shooting Star, and our balloon Mahpiya 9 is literally on Cloud 9.

Plan for launch

Currently we are launching an instrument package from England. There will be two student experiments on the balloon. We are sending up flower seeds and bacterial cultures to determine how near space affects them. We also have teamed up with the Sanford Underground Lab in Lead, SD to do an amazing experiment. We are launching a sample of their ultra pure copper on the balloon. As the balloon flies cosmic rays will interact with the copper transforming some of the atoms to radioactive cobalt. Then when the balloon is recovered the sample will be tested with a very sensitive radiation meter to determine the number of cosmic rays that have hit the balloon.

Why did you join?

We joined so we could represent out people on the global stage and learn about science!

Team Members

  • Alexander Emert