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Atmospheric Teaching Experiment (ATEx)
Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, United States
Atex fb cover

Team Description

We are an engineering design and outreach group at Virginia Tech. We design and launch high altitude balloon systems as a focal point for our elementary and middle school STEM outreach program and to teach our members engineering design and hands-on hardware skills.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch a 12 cubic centimeter system on a 1200 gram balloon. The payload includes a GoPro, HackHD, PiNoIR camera, IMU, barometric pressure, and temperature sensors. A boom-mounted Hokie Bird (our college mascot) is also hitching a ride - the kids love this!

Why did you join?

We joined because we want to learn how the global ballooning community approaches system design and because we want to share our educational and design ideas as well. A little competition does not hurt either!

Team Members

  • Rachael Chase
  • Geoffrey Odlum