GSBC 2020 Announced! April 3-27, 2020.

Tres Cantos, Spain
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Team Description

We are a group of three colleagues, aeronautical engineers, working in the aerospace sector. Our interest in HAB is mainly to enjoy ...but of course we have our small aspirations. We have planned a roadmap aiming to a controlled reentry in the future. Up to now, we have performed three launches for testing systems and acquire experience. Our fourth launch was scheduled more or less for the same period than the "balloon challenge" and we have decided to adjust our planning to the event.

Plan for launch

Nothing special. If we have time, perhaps to resolve an old internal discussion about: MLI, yes or no?.

Why did you join?

It is an opportunity to interact with other people with similar interests, providing us the interchange of experience and know-how

Team Members

  • Rafael Rebolo
  • Lorenzo Tarabini Castellani
  • Guillermo Rodríguez