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Blessed Sacrament Knights Take Flight
Blessed Sacrament School - Burlington, United States
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Team Description

Blessed Sacrament School is a private Catholic School located in Burlington, North Carolina. Since 1935, BSS has educated generations of Catholic and non-Catholic students in grades PreK (3 years old) through Grade 8. We are a NC STEM School of Distinction.

Plan for launch

Teachers, Administrators, Students and Parents in grades Pk - 8 are working together to launch two HA Balloons at the Burlington Mini Maker Faire on April 25, 2015. Students are learning about weather and atmosphere as well as engineering the payload, researching data and GPS trackers, cameras, FAA rules and other materials needed for the launch. Crews have been formed by parents and students for a safe launch. These crews include the Safety Crew, Communications Crew, Mission Control Crew and the Chase Crew. This is a school and community wide HAB event!

Why did you join?

We joined because Blessed Sacrament School is a STEM school who wants to be a special part of the Global Space Balloon Challenge Event. We feel it is important for our students to share their experience with their friends, families and other students/schools across the country. It is also a wonderful STEM related event that we have tied in our curriculum at school from Preschool through grade 8.


Team Launch Date: 04/25/2015

Team Members

  • Tiffany Stalek
  • Tara Hackman
  • Victoria Sebastian