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Melbourne Amateur Radio Technology Group - Melbourne, Australia

Team Description

We are a group of Amateur Radio operators and experimenters living in Melbourne Victoria bring together our knowledge to design, experiment & build antennas / transmitters into payloads to be used in HAB. We are also keen High Frequency Band operators. Our group consists of qualified electronic engineers professionals and long term ham radio operators

Plan for launch

A Payload around 60gm with Camera and telemetry running BPSK 1000 and 63. We will be Releasing a Balloon no more than 2 meters in diam hoping to reach 20Klm

Why did you join?

To support this project and hopefully will keep running every year also to encourage research and experiments in HAB using low signal propagation

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/19/2015

Team Members

  • frank merlino
  • Peter Scordia
  • Joe Gonzales
  • Don Dennis
  • Julie Gonzales
  • Michael Ampt
  • Guy Desimone
  • David Dessardo