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University of New South Wales - Sydney, Australia

Team Description

The BLUEsat Group is a collection of undergraduate students at UNSW Australia dedicated to taking on practical space engineering projects. Our mission is to give engineering students hands-on experience with space technology. Our current major projects include building a microsatellite, conducting test flights of our satellite systems on stratospheric balloons, and designing and building an off-world rover suitable for traversing environments such as those found on asteroids, the Moon, and Mars.

Plan for launch

We plan to test our new redesigned balloon-payload separation mechanism, and to reach an altitude of ~33km. We are also aiming to incorporate a scientific payload, which is still to be determined.

Why did you join?

To test and improve our designs, to challenge ourselves to win in one of the categories, and to join with other space and high-altitude balloon enthusiasts worldwide.

Team Website:

Team Members

  • Timothy Chin
  • Tom Dixon
  • Sebastian Holzapfel
  • Vanessa Andrews