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Montgolfière on steroids
ZGK-Konstanz - Konstanz, Germany

Team Description

I'm an aviation and electronics enthusiast located in Constance. Always wanted to launch a HAB, hope it'll work.

Plan for launch

The Montgolfière was the first manned aircraft in history of mankind, flying up to 2 km high. Today, manned gas balloons can reach up to 20x of that height, let alone unmanned ones. So it's definitely a Montgolfière "on steroids". The heart of the payload will be an Arduino, planned are absolute pressure, GPS, temperature, humidity and UV-intensity sensors and a camera. Telemetry will work over GSM, the whole collected data will be uploaded when the payload gets a signal on descent. As an balloon I'll use an tube film, as known from packaging industry, which will be sealed on both ends and filled with helium.

Why did you join?

I'm planning a bigger HAB-project, so experience is valuable and this is still a good challenge.

Team Members

  • Marian Keller