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UW Cloud Punchers (CWE-HABEX)
University of Winnipeg - Winnipeg, Canada

Team Description

We are students from the Geography and Environmental Studies departments at the University of Winnipeg.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch from Fort Whyte centre in Winnipeg and develop a press release to highlight the launch event and make it a fun event to retrieve the weather balloon and invite all students to come out for some fun!

Why did you join?

We joined so we can be part of the CWE-HABEX team.

Team Members

  • Justine Backer
  • Adrienne Ducharme
  • Hailey Robichaud
  • Geneva Cloutis
  • Kimberly Thomson
  • Ashley Santucci
  • Danny Blair
  • Tabitha Wood
  • Jeremy Leathers