GSBC 2019 Announced! April 5-29, 2019.

Ukrainian amateur radio High Altitude Balloons club - Kharkiv/Odessa, Ukraine

Team Description

UKRHAB stands for Ukrainian High Altitude Balloons, the team of enthusiasts and radio amateurs from several ukrainian cities who joined forces together in order to achieve main goal - do more successful flights and attract more people to this fantastic hobby

Plan for launch

Go higher, take more photos & videos, fly extended set of sensors and do FPV during entire flight with live broadcast on internet

Why did you join?

We joined to represent Ukraine on HAB scene and to face challenge of winning of the prizes:)

Team Members

  • Sergii Prakhov
  • Radio Department of Technological Sciences Kharkov Hydrometeorological College
  • Yevgeny Yevtushenko
  • Alexandr Riznychenko
  • Maxim Cherniy
  • Андрей Новосельский(Contect)
  • Igor Gakhov
  • Vladimir Chubin
  • Alexander Doschich
  • Oleg Dyachenko
  • Юрий Губернаторов