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Montana Space Grant Consortium - Missoula, United States
Flew 2015

Team Description

BOREALIS is Montana Space Grant Consortium's high altitude ballooning program since 2001. In the program students from a variety of curricula work together to conceive, design and build payloads that are flown up to 100,000 feet - the edge of space. Borealis has two complete ballooning programs at Montana State University and the University of Montana.

Plan for launch

We are launching our payload from Augusta, Montana April 8th or 29th between 13:00 - 15:00 UTC. We will have video, accelerometer, radiosonde, and three GPS tracking devices on board.

Why did you join?

Because this is a great group to support.

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/30/2016

Team Members

  • Jennifer Fowler
  • Doug Brugger
  • Matthew Fisher