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Sekcja Balonowa SKA
Warsaw University of Technology, Students' Space Association - Warsaw, Poland
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Flew 2015

Team Description

We are members of the Students' Space Association Balloon Division at Warsaw University of Technology,which has 19 members entirely. We have already launched 3 successful balloon missions to the stratosphere in 2013 and 2014. We also took part in 2014 Selection Workshop of the ESA/DLR/Rymdstyrelsen REXUS/BEXUS Programme (as the BuLMA experiment team).

Plan for launch

We plan to use two different APRS systems designed and built by our members to track the balloon with 5,5 kg payload. As a payload we will have a couple of experimental devices. All designed and built by our members 1) CAPELLA P1 - 200-m. long VLF/LF antenna. 2) Prototype of PW-Sat 2 satellite Deorbit sail. 3) KULLA 2 - Prandtl probe and spherical probe measuring the electric field. 4) KULLA 3 - spherical probe measuring the greenhouse effect. 5) PERICULUM 1 - accelerometric gravimeter.

Why did you join?

We joined because we wanted to take part in a worldwide balloon challenge, learn something new, meet people with similar interests and win great prizes!

Team Members

  • Maciej Kania