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Technical University of Madrid - Madrid, Spain
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Team Description

LEEM, which stands for Laboratory for Space and Microgravity Research (Laboratorio para Experimentación en Espacio y Microgravedad) is an association created by Spanish university students and alumni. The main aim of this Laboratory is to help a and give support to students and enthusiastics wishing to start a microgravity or space related projects.

Plan for launch

A test of the electronics for the launch of our Rockoon in summer.

Why did you join?

We want to take part in a international event

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 05/17/2015

Team Members

  • miguel angel Gómez lopez
  • Benjamin Uceta Gómez
  • Alberto Nieto Illescas
  • Andres Rodriguez Reina
  • moisés zarzoso
  • Carlos Dorado Cárdenas
  • Germán García González
  • Pablo Serralta
  • Rodrigo Avila