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Analog Astronaut Training Center - Kraków, Poland
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Team Description

STRATOS - we love stratosphere and its mystery! We encourage others to visit this extreme environment with several experiments and try to get some unique information useful to our planet.

Plan for launch

Considering our future plans, which is building a habitat in the stratosphere (we know it is crazy, but not impossible), we are going to test our new telemetry and payload stabilisation system. The main educational topic of the mission is: " Influence of stratospheric conditions on viability and resistance to antibiotics of clinically significant bacterial pathogens, which induce inflammations during hospitality". The project is co-financed by Medical University of Warsaw from the Mini-Student Grant in collaboration with Department of Microbiology.

Why did you join?

We want to test our experiments and share with others passion for space research and education

Team Members

  • Bartosz Źrebiec
  • Matt Harasymczuk
  • Arkadiusz Kołodziej
  • Ignacy Górecki
  • Agata Kolodziejczyk