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Kanepi G├╝mnaasium, University of Tartu - Kanepi, Estonia

Team Description

Our team is rather big. It includes school students and a team of university students and lecturers. We have developed an educational program with activities suitable for a wide range of school students. These include problem solving tasks related to the balloon launching and the environment issues being explored by the university team. The university team are also carrying out the complex technical preparations.

Plan for launch

In the lead up to the launch date the school students have taken part in three different practical workshops in which they have explored the structure of the atmosphere and environmental issues. On launch day, seminars and workshops are planned during which the students will complete more straightforward preparation tasks including the construction of the reflector, filling the balloon etc. The balloons payload includes a range of sensors which will monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and UV-radiation. In the weeks immediately after the flight the university team will lead a further workshop to analyse the data collected and a web application has been created specifically for this purpose that will be used by the school students.

Why did you join?

We joined because it looked like an interesting event capable of providing a challenge to both school students and the university team. This kind of activity can provide inspiration and motivation to students over a wide age range and educational level.

Team Members

  • Piia Post
  • Agnes Vask
  • Regina Alber
  • Maris Palo
  • Paap Koemets
  • Kadri Veende
  • Tarmo Tanilsoo
  • Jaan Jalas
  • Kristel Uiboupin