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Bear Space Project
Starnberg, Germany

Team Description

My six years old daughter Toni once uttered the wish to fly to space in a rocket. Since this is not feasible, I suggested to build a 'robot' and send it up as high as possible. We chose a weather balloon as our 'carrier system'. Our 'robot', whose name is JACKY, is meant to take photos, measure pressure as well as temperature and to remember the route, the balloon took.

Plan for launch

We plan to use a Raspberry Pi B+ with a Pi Camera, two DS18B20 (one for the inside temperature of the sonde), a BMP180, uBLOX MAX-M8Q Breakout With Quad-V Antenna +SAW/LNA and some kind of radio transmitter. Launch time will bespring 2016, so we hope to take part in the 2016 challenge...

Why did you join?

We joined because we certainly will need technical assistance and maybe we can be helpful to others, who plan similar projects.

Team Members

  • Philipp Flüs
  • Toni Flüs
  • Mili Hanzlik
  • Sylvie Hanzlik