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Project Thin Blue Line
Steven's High School - Rapid City, United States

Team Description

We are AP physics students from Rapid City South Dakota. At the beginning of the year, we were challenged to launch and recover a HAB with payload that would reach at least 120,000 feet, maintain continuous communication with our ground base (while being FAA and FCC compliant), measure pressure, temperature, and 3D acceleration. Our payload needs to be at or under 0.500 kg, so it's definitely a challenge .But, hey, we're now a part of GSBC. Why not? :)

Plan for launch

We plan on decking-out our payload with extra sensors, including lux sensors. Besides a basic HAB launch, we want to integrate serious experimentation. We're part of on an ongoing HAB project that becomes more rigorous each year, and the aim is to potentially have a satellite in orbit. We have attached solar panels to our payload to see how much power we can

Why did you join?

We want to document our results, as well as see what's happening in the HAB world.

Team Website:,

Team Launch Date: 04/21/2016

Team Members

  • Kyle Mullette
  • Marcus Hall
  • Roger Sheets
  • Gina Selig
  • Ethan Reuter
  • Rachel Morelo
  • Rachel Fenenga
  • Zach Vancas
  • Kiley Westergaard
  • Caitlyn Larson