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Near Space Falcons
Immanuel Christian School - Winnipeg, Canada

Team Description

We are a small Independent school in Winnipeg Manitoba. We are students from grades 9-12.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch and recover on a school day. We will share our results and pictures with our school. We will get early clearance from ATC and have a NOTAM issued. We will use and APRS tracker and auxiliary GPS tracker for recovery.

Why did you join?

This sounds like a great project to create interest in science.

Team Members

  • Kirsten Veldman
  • Megan Teitsma
  • David Nyhof
  • Melannie Teitsma
  • Joel Gortemaker
  • Devon Raap
  • Matt dewitt
  • james nagtegaal
  • Destaney Teitsma
  • abigail nagtegaal
  • Zachary Dewit
  • Emily Verhelst
  • Mallory Werkman
  • Benjamin Jonker
  • Keith Vandersluis