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Club de Radio Experimentadores Universitarios de la UDG - Guadalajara, Mexico
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Team Description

We are from Jalisco, state of México, state of Tequila. We are a group of Communication and Electronics Engineer students, teachers and ham radio enthusiasts who is interested in radio communications.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch a payload with APRS and radiocommunication repeater. APRS is defined as Automatic Packet Reporting System, so I will be reporting the position, atmospheric variables (pressure, temperature and humidity) and electrical variables of state of the payload. We intend to experiment with a communications repeater to establish a coverage area as wide as the territory of our state to cover an area of disaster or emergency.

Why did you join?

We came together because we have organized competitions that have reached cansat flight ceiling up to 4000 meters and we had interesting results. So we would like to have an experience up to the 40,000 meters.

Team Members

  • Eduardo Velazquez Mora