GSBC 2020 Announced! GSBC 2020 Starts April 3. Closing date of the window will depend on what happens with the coronovirus. At minimum, window is extended until August 1, 2020. Please stay safe and abide by local recommendations.

ISP Near Space Program
International School of Panama - Panama, Panama

Team Description

A student-led school program founded in 2013, which grew from a small team to one the school's best funded programs.

Plan for launch

For this upcoming launch we are focusing on designing and 3D printing a modular capsule. We are working on developing our own control suite to monitor the capsule.

Why did you join?

We want to connect with people doing similar activities. Additionally, we want to push the boundaries of what our teams have previously done and get consistently better.

Team Members

  • Jose Rios
  • Tomas Eleta
  • Naresh Pillay
  • Paloma Manterola
  • Diego Estevez
  • Tomas Manterola
  • Jaewook Lee
  • Elisa Jacquet
  • Gaston Arguindegui