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Ms. Grate's 8th Grade Science Classes
Woodland Elementary School - Mariposa, United States

Team Description

We are thirteen and fourteen year old 8th grade physical science students. We had a successful launch in December 2015, but unfortunately our inflight computer and APRS system did not relay any lat/long info. We are back at it again and this time we are going to get it right!

Plan for launch

We plan to work together as a class of 50 students to have a successful launch that will capture beautiful images of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Why did you join?

We joined because we thought this would be a great way to learn more about HAB adventures. It also seems like an amazing way to unite people from around the globe!

Team Members

  • Danielle Grate
  • Diego Naranjo
  • Elisa Beas
  • Lizzie Bass
  • Chris Grant
  • Brayden Heard
  • Jeremiaha Godinez
  • morgan james
  • Brylei Pearson
  • Logan Donati
  • Brock Burgess
  • Will Harris
  • Chad Ryan
  • Heather Livingston
  • Abbey Fillion
  • Luke Atkins
  • Rose Ann Weinburke
  • Price Little
  • matthew thompson
  • Parker Jones
  • samantha miles
  • Colleen Weinburke
  • Marina Rider
  • Thomas smith
  • matthew dvorak
  • Evelynn Barnett
  • Cody Fentiman
  • Joshua Bishop
  • April Pretzer
  • Jenna Rivera
  • Mackenzie Arnold
  • Matthew Fryer
  • justin avery
  • Clarice Hightower
  • Reyna Mero
  • Carson Arebalo
  • Lydia Tanton
  • James Reynolds
  • Bryce O'Brien
  • ziggy ziegenfuss
  • Zachary Van Gorkom
  • Rebecca Chenoweth
  • Laura Reynoso
  • jake swift
  • Emily Godinez
  • Jayson Shafer
  • Tara Thorsgard
  • Sofia Burtt