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Flagstaff High School Eagles
Flagstaff High School - Flagstaff, United States

Team Description

We are a high school aerospace engineering class from Flagstaff, Arizona that includes only dedicated students and a well respected engineer as a teacher for the class.

Plan for launch

Our plan is to use Free and Open Source Software and Open-Source Hardware to design, build, launch and recover a near-space balloon. Our goals include: 1. EVERY student obtains an amateur radio license, 2. 3D print our fuselage, 3. exceed 100,000' altitude, and 4. STABILIZED VIDEO!

Why did you join?

We joined in order to gain engineering knowledge as well as compete hard and hopefully win the competition.

Team Members

  • Katherine Mosley
  • Peyton Sventek
  • Dan Gitomer
  • Joshua Smith
  • Mathew Eide
  • Shane Claypool
  • mitch brownfield
  • Fenn Garnett
  • Luke Paget
  • Seth Born
  • Joey Rizk
  • Noah Hathcock
  • Charles Harness
  • chris charette
  • christian Todacheenie
  • Seth Curtin
  • Jacob Tabaha
  • Carlos Chavez
  • Jack Woodcock
  • Alex McNorton
  • Bruce Sidlinger