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LKN SKY 2 & 3
National Defence University (Aviation Students Scientific Association) - Warsaw, Poland

Team Description

We are a team of polish students, members of Aviation Students Scientific Association (Lotnicze Koło Naukowe), formed in National Defence University and based in Warsaw, Poland. We are keen on aviation and photography. For one year we are also interested in launching balloons and nears space programs. In June 2014 we have successfully launched our first near space balloon. For us participation in the Global Space Balloon Challenge is a great opportunity to extend knowledge and gain experience.

Plan for launch

We plan to design own payload (nacelle) and put into all necessary items- gps, cameras, some logger for saving the flight parameters of course. We have planned to find picturesque place for sanding our balloon due to receive great photos.

Why did you join?

We joined because we would like to share our results with other enthusiasts of high altitude balloons.

Team Members

  • Maciej Wiktorowicz
  • Kuba Siemień
  • Sylwia Rogulska
  • Michał Lis
  • Bartłomiej Macieszczuk
  • Magdalena Kądzielska