The GSBC Is Shutting Down. The Website Will Go Away At The End Of The Year. Thank You To The Entire Community.

Getafe, Spain

Team Description

I have been developing my own tracker (custom PIC pcb 433Mhz UKHAS) and my own low power pirocutdown. My payload records all the data in a SD card and sends GPS telemetry, inner and outer temperature and battery voltage. I launched 1 payload in 2015 and again in 2016. I will launch a payload in 2018 July with landing point prediction. Currently developing a autopilot to try a controlled reentry in 2019...

Plan for launch

Two Yagis+FCDongle and a 4 cars team..

Why did you join?

For fun and to meet people with the same hobby...

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 06/04/2016

Team Members

  • Juan Carlos Nieto Sierra