GSBC 2020 Announced! GSBC 2020 Starts April 3. Closing date of the window will depend on what happens with the coronovirus. At minimum, window is extended until August 1, 2020. Please stay safe and abide by local recommendations.

Getafe, Spain

Team Description

I have been developing my own tracker (custom PIC pcb 433Mhz UKHAS) and my own low power pirocutdown. My payload records all the data in a SD card and sends GPS telemetry, inner and outer temperature and battery voltage. I launched 1 payload in 2015 and again in 2016. I will launch a payload in 2018 July with landing point prediction. Currently developing a autopilot to try a controlled reentry in 2019...

Plan for launch

Two Yagis+FCDongle and a 4 cars team..

Why did you join?

For fun and to meet people with the same hobby...

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 06/04/2016

Team Members

  • Juan Carlos Nieto Sierra