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Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Medellin, Colombia
2016 10 21 09.11.59 2

Team Description

We are a group of young researchers from Medellin, Colombia, we want to send a stratospheric (weather) balloon to help an environmental research group to measure the air quality of the local region helping them to know the principal sources of contamination and how to reduce this problem

Plan for launch

We plan to design a launch capsule which will be constantly sensing para meters of pressure, temperature and other environmental parameters as well as the position (tracking)

Why did you join?

We joined because it´s a big community that can help us to fulfill our launching goals

Team Members

  • Juan Pablo Montoya Cadavid
  • luis Osorio
  • Natalia Chacon
  • cristian ochoa morales
  • Alejandro Angel Ceballos
  • Daniel Arias
  • Jorge Montoya
  • Sebastian Zapata
  • Michael Stiven Bustos Aguirre
  • Omar Granados
  • Diego Cano
  • Carlos Alberto Montoya Duque
  • Juan Pablo Rios Garcia
  • Walther Villa