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ITU High Altitude Balloon Team
Istanbul Technical University - ISTANBUL, Turkey
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Team Description

We are the High Altitude Weather Balloon team in the Meteorological Research Club at the Istanbul Technical University. Our team's goal is to conduct the very first launch from Turkey and collect useful data for our project.

Plan for launch

We have planned to compete in the Best Experiment and Longest Track challanges by bringing together our knowledge in science and engineering.

Why did you join?

We wanted to have a first hand experience on weather forecasting and upper-air related research.

Team Website:

Team Members

  • Yiğitalp KARA
  • Emre Karanfil
  • Enes Birinci
  • Berkay Donmez
  • Kutay Donmez
  • Ahmet Çamurlu
  • Pelin Erdemir
  • Ayhan Çağlıyan