GSBC 2020 Announced! April 3-27, 2020.

Hymers College - Hull, United Kingdom

Team Description

We are 2 year 10 students from Hull who love science.

Plan for launch

We plan to launch our weather balloon with a pi in the sky kit that can take measurements, a camera to record the flight and an infrared camera to capture the process in a new light. Also, we intend to put an egg in the payload to make the challenge more challenging. If we succeed in landing the payload without the egg cracking we may potentially break a world record, on the other hand, we may cause a mess.

Why did you join?

We joined because we're enthusiastic about space, we like a challenge, and we wanted to conduct our own experiments. We believe GSBC provides us with the support and guidance to be able to achieve our ambitions.

Team Members

  • Daanish Sonawala
  • Pranav Madhusudhana