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SimLE - Gdańsk, Poland
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Team Description

We are students organization from Gdańsk University of Technology. We are creating R&D projects connected with marine and aerospace technology.

Plan for launch

We want to send 2 experiments: 1. To acquire microbiological samples and examine it in the lab. We want to find new species 2. To send tissue cells to the stratosphere and expose them to radiation. We want to examine processes of neoplasia.

Why did you join?

I want to be part of competition and find new contacts

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 05/11/2018

Team Members

  • Mateusz Grzybowski
  • Oskar Pasek
  • Katarzyna Piskor
  • Szymon Magrian
  • Izabela Pilarska
  • Karol Pelzner
  • Jakub Szczepański
  • Grzegorz Sowa
  • Paweł Gostomski
  • Jakub Goławski
  • Krzysztof Jarowicz
  • Bartłomiej Patka
  • Bartosz Robak
  • Marek Ciszkowski
  • Magdalena Kuźmicz
  • Kacper Loret
  • Maciej Ciesielski
  • Dominika Tomaszewska
  • Aleksandra Cywińska
  • Joanna Flisiewicz