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Highlands Scottie Olympians
Highlands Middle School - Kennewick, United States
Team scottie

Team Description

We are a team of Middle School science teachers (Scott, Andrew, Dustin, and Terri) who have launched and successfully retrieved two HABs. The second launch was into the totality during the 2017 total eclipse in central Oregon.

Plan for launch

complete two launches this year (one during our first snow hopefully In December) and a second 3kg balloon launch (to be put together by our student science club members) on the 4th of July, we plan to launch a slow rising balloon to capture sunset and sunrise using an adapted gopro with a 12 hour battery (and maybe try and get some clear shots of the night sky using a low light camera), even though night should only last 7 hours.

Why did you join?

we were ready

Team Members

  • Scott soldiermarine42