The GSBC Is Shutting Down. The Website Will Go Away At The End Of The Year. Thank You To The Entire Community.

College of DuPage HAB Team
College of DuPage - Glen Ellyn, United States

Team Description

We are a group of engineers in College of DuPage who are dedicated to continuing our education outside of the classroom by taking on cool and interesting projects such as the High Altitude Balloon.

Plan for launch

We plan to make a payload to carry a camera and take some pictures at about 80,000 feet. We also would like the logo of our club in the frame of this picture.

Why did you join?

It seems like an excellent resource for beginners, like us, to get involved in and learn more about the high altitude balloon.

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/20/2018

Team Members

  • Herven Barham