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Asociatia STIM (STEM Education) - Pitesti, Romania

Team Description

a) Creation, development and promotion of educational framework type STEM (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics - in Romanian: "STIM = Stiinta, Tehnologie, Inginerie, Matematica"). b) Awareness and recognition of the need to introduce "STIM" Education in school curricula nationwide, as an optional or extracurricular activities in primary and secondary public and private in Romania. c) Creating and promoting curricular aids (textbook, notebook student teacher's guide) as backgro

Plan for launch

Weather Balloon 2000, Datalogger STRATO3, 2 x Camera SJCAM SJ4000

Why did you join?

To have access to information, to find friends, to share experiences between us

Team Members

  • Asociatia STIM