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AGH Space Systems
AGH University of Science and Technnology - Cracow, Poland
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Team Description

AGH Space Systems develops projects oriented on space technologies, like rockets, Martian rovers and planetary landers.

Plan for launch

Imagine the day when the first Martian greenhouse will be developed. That will be the day when people will need some pollinators there, and the easiest way is to take honeybees (Apis mellifera) with us. Hence, we want to check how will short-term exposure to cosmic background radiation affect them. Until now no one has ever wondered about it and we decided to check it. Also we want to check if it is possible to measure UV-C radiation. So we designed a balloon payload with a few critical components on board - UV-C radiation, humidity and temperature sensors, Geiger counter and honeybee queens in the flesh. Position reporting will be accomplished by APRS. Two independent systems will be responsible for transmitting APRS packets. We also want to make a system that will allow us to transmit pictures taken by the on-board camera via SSTV protocol. What is more, we will test our custom system for position reporting via APRS for high altitude flight including custom PCB, software and antenna.

Why did you join?

We joined because it is a great opportunity for science experiment development and new challenge for our team. Participation also allowed us to expand range of studies on Apis mellifera which we do for another competition in this year - Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in USA, where we examine rocket flight impact on honeybee queens.


Team Launch Date: 04/28/2019

Team Members

  • Dagmara Stasiowska
  • Rafał Guziak
  • Maciej Talar
  • Artur Biernat
  • Piotr Sławęcki
  • Bartosz Zieliński
  • Joanna Dubielewska
  • Andrzej Laczewski
  • Agata Zwolak
  • Jan Jedryszek
  • Dawid Ruśniak
  • Weronika Mrozinska
  • Tomasz Tatara
  • Mateusz Rajzer
  • Maciej Wyżliński