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AGH Space Systems
AGH University of Science and Technnology - Cracow, Poland
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Team Description

AGH Space Systems develops projects oriented on space technologies, like rockets, Martian rovers and planetary landers.

Plan for launch

For scientists it is a pretty well-known fact that cosmic radiation affects the DNA of human cells. Accumulation of the mutations that it causes over time can potentially lead to cancer. But how cosmic radiation affects cells that are already cancerous? A balloon flight is a perfect opportunity to check it. Our payload will contain cell cultures of human neuroblastoma and mouse fibroblasts as well as the Geiger counter in order to check levels of radiation. We want to test if and how cosmic radiation affects their proliferation rate. Mission position reporting will be accomplished by APRS. Two independent systems will be responsible for transmitting APRS packets. We will also have a system that will allow us to transmit pictures taken by the on-board camera via SSTV protocol. What is more, we will use our custom system for position reporting via APRS for high altitude flight including custom PCB, software and antenna.

Why did you join?

We joined because it is a great opportunity for science experiment development and new challenge for our team. Our research was inspired by Australian UTS research on microgravity impact on cancer cells and its preliminary results suggesting that space conditions may cause higher moratility of cancerous cells.


Team Launch Date: 07/13/2020

Team Members

  • Barbara Szaflarska
  • Piotr Duszkiewicz
  • Paweł Graczak
  • Dagmara Stasiowska
  • Piotr Sławęcki
  • Andrzej Laczewski
  • Agata Zwolak
  • Maciej Wyżliński