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University of Science Malaysia - Nibong Tebal, Malaysia
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Team Description

We are the space community from University of Science Malaysia. We explore the near space environment for various missions.

Plan for launch

Our aim is to capture scenery view of the earth horizon and recording video of the whole flight. Besides, altitude, temperature and pressure data for the whole flight will also be recorded. We will use SPOT GPS to track our payload and it will also act as beacon once it had touch down to the ground/sea. Cameras and sensors will be included too!

Why did you join?

To gain more experience of high altitude balloon and be one of the global balloon society

Team Website:

Team Launch Date: 04/22/2015

Team Members

  • Jacqueline Choo
  • Siti Nor Alina Salim
  • Wei Chong Koh
  • Nabil Usamah
  • Pheng Chuen Tan
  • Ahmed Hairuniza