GSBC 2019 Announced! April 5-29, 2019.

KRATOS-EAFIT-Postobon- High Altitude Balloon Team
Universidad EAFIT - Medellin, Colombia

Team Description

We are part of a pedagogical platform named KRATOS, that seeks to complement and transform the educational process of students based on experiential learning and challenges in order for them to develop their own skills and competences needed in the 21st century. Our team is conformed by members from multiple backgrounds from EAFIT and other local universities who share a common passion for space. With this project we are trying to grow the love for the aerospace culture in Colombia.

Plan for launch

This is our first time participating and we are convinced that through this challenge we will be able to start a great community of aerospace lovers. For this project we are developing prototypes of picosatellites based on the CanSat (soda can satellite) to measure several air contaminants. These CanSats require long-range communications tests and extreme atmospheric conditions to evaluate their performance so a HAB mission is an ideal test platform to validate them. To ensure the safety and guarantee the success of our payload, we are building our case using carbon and glass fibers, common materials used in aerospace missions. One of our main goals is to be able to measure the learning process of everyone involved in this mission so that we have physical evidence that this type of missions can impact in a positive way all of our students' lives. Above all we want to inspire other teams in our country to realize this is possible and show them we can start to change our country.

Why did you join?

We've decided to join the GSBC as a way of challenging ourselves in a field that is not very common in our country as well as to be able to inspire teams around Colombia to participate. Furthermore, joining GSBC challenges everyone involved to learn about teamwork and self-development.

Team Members

  • Maria Alejandra Botero Botero
  • Mariana Mejia Uribe
  • Daniela Fernanda López Astorquiza
  • Andrés García
  • Maria Clara Henao Peñaranda
  • Juan Sebastián Rodríguez
  • ludwig clemente diaz leon
  • Jose Daniel Rojas Loaiza
  • Maria Clara Molina
  • Sara Velez Duque
  • Guillermo Peña
  • Sebastian Morales Montes
  • María Angélica Sánchez
  • Daniel Quevedo
  • Paola Andrea Gutiérrez Velásquez
  • KRATOS EAFIT-Postobon
  • Mario Andres Vargas Iseda
  • luis felipe arcos ordoñez
  • Federico Agudelo
  • Sebastian Zapata
  • Manuela García Arboleda
  • Sara López
  • Naydu Rey Arriaga
  • Carlos Mario Trujillo Arregocés
  • Laura Isaza
  • Verónica Henao Isaza
  • Oscar Quiroz ortega
  • Diego Andrés Valle Lopera
  • Ana Cristina Grajales Piedrahita
  • Julian Galvez Serna
  • Andrés Botero
  • Juan Giraldo
  • Jorge Páez
  • Daniela Restrepo